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Good news and bad news

2008-09-06 15:13:33 by Musica17

Good news everyone! Not only did I figure out where this leads! After moving back to my old town in Florida, I stuck a keyboarding class in my schedule, so now I can somewhat read and write music!! Woo!! Bad news is I won't have any songs (still) for quite a good time, nor will I yet have a permanent connection to the interweb. Still waiting for my instruments to be packed and shipped back down, so until then sit tight! A new version of Song Of Storms will be on its way, Promise Reprise from Silent Hill, and maybe a few requests.


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2008-09-06 16:10:19

Protip: quit reading.


2008-10-10 23:06:59

Ok, well, My good news, bad news. I lost the Flash program, and cant get it back, but will consider music making soon.

Musica17 responds:

Well that there sir is a yay and a gay moment, yay that you're considering making music! Gay that the flash was lost, but that's ok.