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Interweb exists

2009-01-26 16:18:54 by Musica17

The interweb is back in my permanent grasp! Yet I fail to have the proper jacks on my laptop to record straight from my keyboard like I once did before. If anyone has a temporary suggestion for recording until I get my desktop back that would be highly appreciated (cheap solutions are preferable). I am still and always will be taking requests or suggestions to build on my songlist. At least it will give me something to work on for now. So drop by and like, idk leave me something? CYA!


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2009-03-08 21:43:01

well, good to hear that ur back on the intarwebz, just sux that u can't record straight to ur laptop. However, it does make me consider getting a laptop now...Technologyz are evil. Sorta.


2009-03-08 21:44:00

oops. forgot to mention, i have no ideas, but the interwebz might....


2009-04-23 15:10:20

I feel like a stalker now.......anyway, I gots an idea. hows about something that has all of the sounds that make Link sound ridiculous and make it into a funny song with something like a techno backbeat! that'd be awesome, yet ridiculous! It'd be awsumiculous! just a thought.

Musica17 responds:

Haha! Totally taken into account dude, that is now on my list of 'songs to learn'.
I should make that my next big small project!!