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Revolving Storm

2009-05-20 23:03:25 by Musica17

Ok So I'm a bit retarded, or 'railroad' as my piano teacher loves to say. The song Revolving Storm is the actual full file, it turns out that my computer is just totally gay in a bad way when it caming to previewing the file. So yeah, please don't email me!! Or like. . . you know what I meant, message on newgrounds. Unless that is. . . you really want to X3


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2009-08-13 21:16:00

Well, railroad is an intersting way of putting it. Good newses are that I got Flash up and running again! allz I gotta do is teach myself to make an awesome flash by making really suckish ones first! .........*realization* this might take a while.....

Musica17 responds:

Omg that's amazing!!!
I can't wait to see your work, I'm so excited!