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Using my stuffs. . .

2010-01-19 07:12:29 by Musica17

First off let me appologize to anyone who's wanted to use my work and had the decency to ask my permission for it's use. I've had some serious problems between now and quite a few months ago that kept me off newgrounds for a long while. But let it be known my fellow artists! These aren't my own original pieces, so in that sense, I give everyone my full permission to use these current songs in your work. If ever I manage to finally finish writing my own work I shall post in that review whether or not you should ask for my consent.

Again many appologies for my absence!!

Revolving Storm

2009-05-20 23:03:25 by Musica17

Ok So I'm a bit retarded, or 'railroad' as my piano teacher loves to say. The song Revolving Storm is the actual full file, it turns out that my computer is just totally gay in a bad way when it caming to previewing the file. So yeah, please don't email me!! Or like. . . you know what I meant, message on newgrounds. Unless that is. . . you really want to X3

Interweb exists

2009-01-26 16:18:54 by Musica17

The interweb is back in my permanent grasp! Yet I fail to have the proper jacks on my laptop to record straight from my keyboard like I once did before. If anyone has a temporary suggestion for recording until I get my desktop back that would be highly appreciated (cheap solutions are preferable). I am still and always will be taking requests or suggestions to build on my songlist. At least it will give me something to work on for now. So drop by and like, idk leave me something? CYA!

Good news and bad news

2008-09-06 15:13:33 by Musica17

Good news everyone! Not only did I figure out where this leads! After moving back to my old town in Florida, I stuck a keyboarding class in my schedule, so now I can somewhat read and write music!! Woo!! Bad news is I won't have any songs (still) for quite a good time, nor will I yet have a permanent connection to the interweb. Still waiting for my instruments to be packed and shipped back down, so until then sit tight! A new version of Song Of Storms will be on its way, Promise Reprise from Silent Hill, and maybe a few requests.

what is this. . .

2008-08-31 19:55:49 by Musica17

So I've been a memeber here for almost a year and yet I have no idea where these words are going to end up. . . But I'm learning! And that's the good thing. So if this is the thingie that winds up on my page with the whole personal news flash type of thingie then I shall take time out to. . . idk explain my music or something. Until I found out where these words are going just sit tight!